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6 Reasons You Should Buy an SUV in Irvine | Irvine Used Cars 

6 Reasons You Should Buy An SUV

6 Reasons You Should Buy An SUV

Purchasing a new car is a significant step for everyone. Many individuals could search for months and months to discover the best car for them. Since a car is a long-term investment, it is essential to make an informed selection in order to be pleased with your purchase. 

For a long time, SUVs were thought to be overly-large, gas-guzzling road machines. However, in recent years, they have grown increasingly in the UK, displacing hatchbacks as the preferred family vehicle for many. This same culture is now being replicated across the globe.

Many of the world's car companies have already entered the SUV market with their offerings, so there has never been a better time to buy an SUV. There are several possibilities, ranging from the iconic Toyota RAV4 to the cutting-edge Kia Sportage. There are small, medium, and big SUVs with similar characteristics, meaning you may select one that fits your needs. We have compiled a list of the top five advantages of having an SUV to explain their surge in popularity and help you determine whether the big-car lifestyle is appropriate for you.

The Bigger, The Better! Why Buying An SUV Is Worthwhile

  1. Great Practicality

The most apparent advantage is the amount of practicality that SUVs provide due to their oversized frame, allowing you to move tonnes of stuff without having to lower the back seats. They can also carry more weight than a standard hatchback without being weighed down, which is excellent if you regularly transport a large amount of stuff.

SUVs are suitable for families due to their large interior, with head and legroom frequently wide enough to allow the tall members of the family to have ample space. Crossover SUVs are better suited to small families, although bigger SUVs can seat up to seven people.

  1. Safety Is A Priority

Due to their size, SUVs are among the safest vehicles on the road and frequently perform well even in stringent crash testing. Since SUVs are bigger and heavier, they can withstand the impact of a crash more efficiently than smaller cars, lowering the risk of harm for all occupants.

Not only can they withstand a strong collision, but they are also superb at avoiding them. SUVs are frequently equipped with a variety of driver-aid technologies that can warn the driver of potential hazards and minimize the dangers of driving. Blind spot assist and parking sensors help when obstructions become more difficult to avoid due to having a larger car. 

  1. No More Fuel Guzzling

Increasing popularity led car companies to better understand the average SUV user, which is why new cars consistently return more outstanding fuel efficiency ratings. Due to the greater fuel economy, new SUVs are now more suitable for daily use rather than completely used for off-roading.

Economic internal combustion engines have been lowering operating expenses for a long time. Still, many people may be shocked to hear that many modern SUVs now come with all electric and hybrid options that can maximize how far a tank of petrol or a battery recharge can bring you.

  1. Robust In Every Way

While the emphasis on SUVs has altered significantly to accommodate their customers' lifestyles, its rugged essence has not been lost along the way. Not only are SUVs often safer than other cars, as previously stated, but they can also absorb the bumps and shocks of everyday life more readily.

If you frequently go off-roading, SUVs are the ideal companion because they can handle rugged terrain better. 4x4 systems lessen the chance of getting trapped in a muddy field, while raised ride heights prevent you from scratching your underbelly on rocks and uneven ground.

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  1. A Large Cabin & Spacious Cargo

Due to its ample load space, this modification will satisfy any owner. You may have been irritated by your car's short cargo capacity, which cannot accommodate all of your belongings such as baggage, picnic goods, tents, and so on. This will never be an issue with an SUV. Many SUVs include a folding back seat specifically intended to enhance luggage capacity. An SUV offers a hefty load capacity and a spacious interior for both the driver and passengers. It is the finest companion for family outings as it is designed as a family car. 

  1.  Towing Abilities Like No Other

SUVs are among the greatest cars for towing caravans, so it's no surprise to see those carrying caravans and trailers, especially in summer when many people enjoy a staycation. SUVs often have larger, more powerful engines than smaller options, resulting in more pulling power. This tendency is also evident within the SUV class since bigger SUVs are more comfortable towing high loads than smaller crossover SUVs. It's generally a good idea to verify the towing capacities of a car before settling on one.

You can also fit a bike rack to the tow bar, which, when combined with a roof-mounted bike rack, allows you to have the flexibility to transport a large number of bicycles or other equipment for a fun day out with the family.

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