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Irvine Car Dealership With The Best Deals

Irvine Car Dealership With The Best Deals

Are you holding back on getting yourself a new car because of the fear of being ripped off or not getting the best deal the market has to offer? Hold back no more because Irvine Used Cars brings to you a comprehensive guide on what qualifies as a good dealership and how you know you're getting offered the best deal so that the next time you visit a dealership, your confidence precedes you! 

How You Can Spot A Good Dealership From A Mile Away


Honesty is a quality of utmost importance, particularly when making huge monetary decisions like getting a car for yourself. The transparency a dealership offers is a reflection of how smoothly the process of getting a vehicle will go for you and a wonderful indicator of the clientele that a dealership has. 

Analysts have found that about 65% of US citizens believe that car dealerships engage in unethical practices. 

The Irvine Used Cars team takes pride in the measure we take to ensure transparency when it comes to our deals. Don't take our word for it, our hundreds of satisfied customers and 5 star reviews across internet platforms speak for themselves! 

-Years Of Experience

Dealing with newbie dealers can be a little frustrating. Studies suggest that 1 in 12 car dealerships go broke in their first year due to lack of experience, costing them and their customers' thousands.

One of the best Irvine car dealers i.e Irvine Used Cars has years of experience under its belt that enables us to provide the best service and deals to our customers and even potential customers. 

Heading over to an experienced dealership gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your odds of getting a great deal are much higher than if you opted to head to an inexperienced dealership. 

-Protection Of Data

Knowing the reputation of a dealership is vital when considering whether or not a dealership is good or worth partnering up with. 

Unethical practices don't only include offering excessive upsells into getting customers to pay more than what they intended beforehand but also the privacy of data. Irvine Used Cars prides itself on its legitimate and ethical practices. We make sure that you're aware that your private information stays private and that we take all the measures needed to keep things that way. We invest a hefty sum in security and cybersecurity to ensure the highest level of privacy and security for our clients.

How You Can Identify A Good Deal

-You Didn't Negotiate Based On Monthly Payments

One way to know that you've come home with the deal of the decade is if you've negotiated the price of the vehicle rather than on monthly payments. It's wise not to negotiate on the monthly payment amount as there are a number of factors that contribute to the monthly payment size. It makes it really hard to determine the actual purchase price. If you've managed to negotiate on a purchase price that works perfectly for both you and the dealership, congratulations, you've got your hands on a good deal!

-The Dealership Quotes First

Sure, you can make the first bid but it's a smart practice for you to get the salesperson to make the first quote and then take things from there. Once the salesperson has shown their card, you have an edge over the dealership! This also gives you some wiggle room for negotiations. 

-You Can Make Counteroffers

We all know that there's no fun in a deal without a good to and fro of prices. Make counter offers even if you feel like you're being offered something that way under what you expected, the worst they can do is say no right?

Know your budget and see if there's room for negotiation, a good dealership will offer you the best price straight up or with a little negotiation. It isn't frustrating or awkward, both you and the dealership want one thing – for you to walk away with the vehicle of your dreams. So you're sure to find some middle ground with Irvine Used Cars.

-There Are Incentives

Now that you're through with negotiations, get down to possible additional incentives. There are things like customer cash rebates, special financing, or dealer cash. Dealer cash is basically a hidden incentive that's offered to dealers to get done with a particular vehicle. You can check with company employees if there are vehicles with additional discounts to make the most of your purchase. 

-You're Aware Of The Fees You Do And Don't Have To Pay

Begin with taking a look at the fine print in your contract. Never ignore the fine print! You'll find that there will be fees regarding the purchase transaction. Documentation fees (also called doc fees) vary from state to state. Some states control these fees while many other states do not. States like Florida or Arizona are known for having really high doc fees, some can even head up to the mid-hundreds. Be sure to handle these openly beforehand so that you know what you're signing up for before the deal is done!

-You Get Great Service 

Lastly, there are many factors to consider when buying yourself a new car. For instance, what is the customer service department like? Did you like interacting with the salesperson? Were they courteous and knowledgeable during the dealing process? Do you think that the salesperson will honor the deal you make with integrity? With Irvine Used Cars, the answer is always yes. This makes your deal much sweeter than it is - like a cherry on top! 

Making sure you get a great deal on one of the most massive purchases can be a petrifying experience but it doesn't have to be, especially with Irvine Used Cars by your side. 

If you follow the tips above, you'll be sure to walk away with a wonderful car. So head on over to Irvine Used Cars to experience the best dealership in Irvine in action.

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